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Twyla, Thor & Nala, a close-knit Lion Pride

Twyla, Thor & Nala, a close-knit Lion Pride.

Lemurs Happy & Ubi enjoy sunbathing and all types of fruit.

Ubi & Happy enjoy sunbathing, swinging and all types of fruit.

Bactrian camels (the 2 hump ones) enjoy a treat of carrots.

The Bactrian camels (the 2-hump ones) are friendly, quiet and very fond of carrots.

lemur mom

Happy & Ubi are proud parents for the first time. Baby is not yet named.


A contemplative moment in the sun by a favorite tree.

The first Day of the 2016 Season is coming soon!
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Please help us protect our animals by following the rules!

  • no pet animals allowed on premises during visit
  • do not attempt to cross safety barriers at any time
  • no leaning or climbing on fences
  • no public restrooms
  • no smoking
  • no eating or drinking
  • no contact with any of the animals
  • do not feed the animals
  • an adult MUST monitor children at all times

About Us

Animal Kingdom of VA is a small privately owned exotic animal facility in Southwest Virginia dedicated to the conservation of exotic species.

Animal Kingdom of VA LLC is licensed and regulated by federal and state standards.

Our mission is to provide a safe, healthy educational exotic animal exhibit for the community.

We are open from May to September. See schedule for dates and times. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for each child under 5 years old. All donations go to the care and feeding of the animals.